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3 Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed For A Divorce

In the U.S., the divorce rate has gone down significantly in the last couple of years, but the probability that the average married couple will divorce in their lifetime is still quite high. Marriage is surely not a bed of roses, but no one gets married assuming that in a few months or years, they will be separated from their spouse. However, there may come a time when the relationship may become strained, causing the couple to drift away from one another. But that does not happen all of a sudden. There are warning signs everywhere that a marriage is going to break apart; it’s just that the people involved ignore them or refuse to see them. But it is paying heed to these warning signs that can help you save a fractured relationship and live a happy life.

You are not happy when you are with your spouse
One of the tell-tale signs of a happy marriage is the happiness of the couple, and a lack of it generally indicates marital problems. Do you feel like you are not happy when you are with your spouse? Are you always trying to avoid spending time with them? Do you feel happy when they are not around? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, it could mean that something is going wrong and you need to seek help. This is one of the most important warning signs that you should never ignore.

There is a lack of communication between you and your spouse
You don't need to have meaningful conversations with each other at all times. However, if you both rarely talk to each other about anything besides the weather or what to cook for dinner, it could be a sign of an impending divorce. When you only engage in superficial talk and keep your everyday feelings and experiences hidden from them, it can cause a disconnect in your marriage, which can then lead to it falling apart.

You are constantly critical of each other
Sure, some amount of constructive criticism is always helpful, but that does mean that you constantly deride your spouse about everything they do or say. Criticism works only when it is carefully balanced with appreciation and compliments. If you ever feel like both of you only have criticism and harsh words for each other, it could be a sign of trouble in your marriage.

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