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People know that I love astrology and have been using it in my life. I’ve found Pandit Arjun Swami ji’s readings especially uplifting. He has been there with his inspirational advice through all of my good and bad times. I rely on his guidance to get through all of my ups and downs and as a Sagittarius, I am always positive and ready to say yes to many wonderful options. I am grateful to Pandit Arjun Swami ji for many things.
— Eric, Motion Graphics Designer, California

Pandit Arjun Swami ji is my go-to guide for astrology. His knowledge in the subject is incredible and his intuition is always spot on. I book a monthly appointment with him for the guidance and support I seek. I’m lucky to have him in my speed dial.”
— Dr. Sherl, Princeton, New Jersey

I have had chart readings and methods of astrology many times over the years, but my session with Pandit Arjun Swami ji was so far the most helpful I have ever had. He is intuitive, insightful, and thoughtful. He worked with real life issues and opportunities to make me someone I never thought I would ever be.
— Dexter White, Programmer, Orlando, FL

I’ve had astrology sessions in the past and honestly, they’ve made me feel scared and unsure. And when I came across Pandit Arjun Swami ji, I had a hunch about him being the one and without spinning my wheels, I gave him a call. His readings made me hopeful, happy, and grateful for my attributes. He told me there would be abundant positive in life ahead and he was right. Today, I am a renowned writer.
— Louis Carpenter, Author of many books.

When I first came to Pandit Arjun Swami ji for a reading, I wasn’t really a believer of astrology. I’m a corporate type who used to believe that astrology readings are a scam. However, as I followed his horoscopes, I found them unbelievably accurate, so I booked a session for reading and I’ve been his client ever since.
— Dr. Donnie Matt, Professor, Denver, CO

I found Pandit Arjun Swami ji through my colleague and decided to set an appointment with him. I was amazed by his wisdom and positive prediction style, backed by information that was easy to understand and apply. I loved seeking his advice during my hardest times.
— Patrick Jane, Copywriter, Brooklyn