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Why Married Couples Fight: 3 Common Reasons For Disputes Between Husband And Wife

In marriage, disagreements are inevitable. Two people who are emotionally and intellectually different will have differences of opinion, and they are, in fact, a part of any healthy relationship. But sometimes small disagreements can quickly escalate into fights, and when not addressed at the right time, these fights can create irreversible hostility between husband and wife, and inevitably end up damaging the marriage.

There are many reasons why married couples fight. Even the most seemingly happy couples are not immune to them. But it is knowing, identifying and addressing these reasons that can truly help you prevent them from tearing your marriage apart. Let us look at some of the most common reasons.

  • Ego clash

  • Ego clashes are one of the biggest reasons for marital discord. Quite often, people mistake their ego for their self-respect, and end up resenting or disrespecting their partner. Excessive pride, narcissism, superiority complex and the fear of loss of control can result in a highly egoistic behavior in one or both partners, which can eventually put the marriage at stake.

  • Lack of passion

  • Passion plays an important role in a marriage. It is the key to keeping the spark alive. And when the passion starts to wane, a lot of married couples end up losing interest in one another, which often results in frequent fights and arguments. Another reason could be the husband and wife not being on the same page about their sex life. This could include things like how often you have sex, how you have it and so on.

  • Infidelity

  • Trust is one of the pillars of a successful marriage. But when it is broken due to infidelity, even if only once, it can be quite difficult to overcome the hurdle of getting it back. Infidelity often leads to divorce, and the path to that begins with fighting. Suspicion and jealousy rear their ugly heads even at unwarranted situations, causing trouble in paradise.

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